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Itamar Cohen, Barrister & Solicitor

Has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 1998. He graduated from Bar Ilan University (LL.B. in law) and Tel Aviv University (B.A. in Administrative Education and Talmudic Studies).

Itamar Cohen has been licensed as a Foreign Legal Consultant in Ontario by the Law Society of Upper Canada since 2002.

He has published legal articles in local magazines and has given the following lectures for the Toronto Israeli community:
  • Protection for the Purchasers of a Residence in Israel.
  • Old Age Security from Israeli National Security Insurance for Israelis who reside abroad.
  • Rabbinical Court jurisdiction in Israel regarding Jewish couples who reside abroad.
  • Estate distribution in Israel of a deceased person who resided abroad prior to his death, with or without a will.
Itamar was born and raised in Israel. He graduated from Midrashiat Noam, a well-known Yeshivah high school located in Pardes-Hanna, served in the Israeli army in a fighting unit and attained the rank of Captain in the reserves.

Tel Aviv Toronto

Hope you are having a good summer

Hope you are having a good summer

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